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What’s in a Website?

What's in a website?

By: David Freidel  Many of us use websites each and every day, in fact, we’re using one right now to share this blog. We use websites to order lunch, shop for a new outfit, research a vacation, and so much more. It’s hard to imagine our daily lives without them…. read more here

The Power of the Blog (Part 1)

The Power of the Blog by Joy Beachy

By: Joy Beachy We recommend a lot of strategies here at Scheffey, always tied to tangible business goals. Like your financial portfolio, utilizing a variety of tactics works toward a healthy brand. But one digital tactic I almost always recommend is having (and effectively using) a blog. Blogs have been… read more here

Are You in the Weeds?

By: Lisa Campbell Let’s face it, we all struggle with keeping a proper balance between our day-to-day tasks and keeping an eye on the long-term vision. But have you been in the weeds so long that you forget what it feels to be strategic? Here are some signs and tips… read more here

YouTube’s Ad Problems – What You Should Know About Brand Safety

YouTube's Ad Problems - What You Should Know About Brand Safety

By: Luke Bunting You may have read that large companies, like General Motors, Walmart, PepsiCo, AT&T and Verizon, are pulling their ads from YouTube. The move comes after their ads began appearing on channels with offensive content, such as hate or terrorism propaganda. Negative and offensive placements can quickly erode… read more here

Story Development Runs Deep at Scheffey

Story Development Runs Deep at Scheffey

By: Hope Graby Lucky 13. It’s hard to believe Scheffey has been in my blood for 13 years. And, while that also means I am 13 years older (on paper only), it also means I am 13 years better at doing what I do for Scheffey and our clients. I… read more here

Positive Energy in the Workplace: Why It Really Matters

positive energy in the workplace: why it really matters

By: Megan Scheffey I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I thrive on creating positive energy in the workplace. And, I think I’m pretty great at it! I have been in many job reviews where that is one of the key attributes that I bring to a team…. read more here

What the 15 Second Page View Tells You

15 Second Page Views

By: Joy Beachy So you’ve launched a brilliant campaign. You’re driving fantastic, qualified leads to critical campaign landing pages. You expect your analytics to show happy customers reading all of your strategically prepared content. Instead, you see this: people are spending 15 seconds on your key landing pages. Yikes. The… read more here

Advantages of Working with a Small Marketing Agency

Lisa Campbell Advantages of Working with a Small Marketing Agency

By: Lisa Campbell  There are many options for businesses in need of marketing services – from the one-person shop to the large firm with an extensive client list. Of course, there are benefits to each, but for many businesses, it is the size in the middle that offers the best… read more here

What I’ve Learned While on the Run

Laura Segro What I've Learned While on the Run

By: Laura Segro One foot in front of the other: a nifty little phrase that’s been used in countless stories, even my own. My name is Laura Segro, and I am the Operations Coordinator here at Scheffey. I am also an avid runner. It’s been exactly one year since I… read more here

Preparing for Google’s Algorithm Change

Joy Beachy Preparing for Google's Algorithm Change

By: Joy Beachy Recently, the tech news was abuzz with Google’s next algorithm change: Mobile-first Indexing. As a result, there has been some anxiety about how businesses can prepare so they do not lose their rank on Google’s search results page. After doing a little digging, we can safely say… read more here

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