Our Story

Marketing Strategists Since 1996

Our agency knows firsthand what it means to steer a business through the inevitable ups and downs – all the while remaining relevant. Through our unique combination of business acumen and creativity, we help our clients do the same.

Our roots date back to the 1990s with Scott Scheffey at the helm. In 1996, the then 3-person agency became Scheffey Advertising. Over the years we evolved, growing both our team and our in-house marketing services. In 2005, the marketing agency became Scheffey Integrated Marketing, reflecting our evolution far beyond traditional advertising to become a complete strategic marketing partner for businesses and organizations. We used our 25th anniversary to introduce a refreshed and simplified brand by shortening our name to just Scheffey. While our passion is rooted in providing integrated services for clients, the shortened name communicates our ability to meet businesses where they are with their sales and marketing – ranging from strategic to marketing support.

In 2019, following the death of Scott Scheffey, Kevin Murphy made the shift from Operations Director to President and Owner. And, our story continues from there…

Let’s create something great together.

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