We are Big Thinkers and Big Doers

Driven by Strategy and Creativity for Results

When we started the company, we rejected the idea that effective marketing was synonymous with clever campaigns. We sought to create an agency that prioritized thinking as highly as it did creativity. After all, what good is a clever ad that doesn’t deliver results?

As a team, we are committed to these guiding principles:

  • Serve clients
  • Value results and relationships – equally
  • Cultivate creativity – in all aspects of what we do
  • Leverage strengths

Applying Our Thinking to Your Business

Our team members are each skilled within their area of expertise. But it’s how we apply our thinking to your business that really counts. You won’t find these titles on our business cards, but at the end of the day, we are …

Taking You Further

Our agency knows firsthand what it means to steer a business through the inevitable ups and downs – all the while remaining relevant. Through our unique combination of business acumen and creativity, we help our clients do the same.

Our roots date back to 1990 when Scott Scheffey and David Bucher formed Bucher Scheffey. In early 1996, Scott bought Dave’s half of the corporation and Dave left the firm. At that time, the 3-person agency became Scheffey Advertising. In 2004, Doug Hershey’s Weston Design joined Scheffey’s 10-person team at the same time Scott and Sandy purchased a historic tobacco warehouse on New Holland Avenue in Downtown Lancaster and moved the business. In 2005, the marketing agency became Scheffey Integrated Marketing, reflecting our evolution far beyond traditional advertising to become a complete strategic marketing partner for businesses and organizations. We used our 25th anniversary to introduce a refreshed and simplified brand by shortening our name to just Scheffey. We still provide integrated services for clients, but the shortened name communicates our clean approach before embarking with a client on the best strategy for their success.

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