Digital Marketing Strategies to Stay Top of Mind

The digital marketing landscape seems to be in a state of constant evolution and refinement. For businesses, that means greater opportunities to find and influence customers looking for, or potentially interested in, specific products or services. But sometimes, it feels like your prospects are hiding in plain sight.

Scheffey’s digital marketing team will help you understand how to precisely target your audience with ads that appear on desktop, tablet, and mobile. We go beyond the standard demographic and geographic targeting to create profiles based on interests, behaviors, and employment. We will also help integrate offline marketing with your online marketing to create a cohesive brand experience every time someone sees or hears from your brand.

Our Areas of Expertise

Social Media

Scheffey specializes in uniquely blending advertising and organic posts to elevate your social presence. We help you create attractive profiles, develop engaging content, and build ad strategies to keep your brand in front of your target audience. From complete management to a collaborative model with your team, Scheffey can plug in to your marketing mix in any way that works for you. Ask about our expertise with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising goes by many names and forms: Pay-per-click ads, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), programmatic ads, display ads, and remarketing are just a few of them. Starting with keyword research and a competitive overview, Scheffey develops paid ad campaigns to drive traffic to your website and new business to your door. Whether you use us for paid search, programmatic ad campaigns, or any other paid advertising platform, you’ll get tangible results and a quantifiable ROI.

Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy is a plan for building and engaging an audience through publishing, maintaining, and sharing consistent content that educates, entertains, and motivates a prospect to move further down the sales channel by buying what your brand has to offer. Not sure where to start? Scheffey can help. We can help you take advantage of search trends, consumer-decision trends, and social media trends by developing and executing strategic content for your business.

Email Campaigns

Done right, email marketing is one of the smartest and cost-efficient ways to stay in front of and connected to your target audience. Whether you’re driving leads through your existing customer database or mining new customers through purchased or publication lists, Scheffey can help from concept to completion.


Blogging is one of the main strongholds of any website’s SEO and content marketing campaigns and is often viewed as top of your purchase funnel. But, writing blog content is more than just churning out a few paragraphs about something related to your business or industry. At Scheffey, we start by identifying the goal: lead generation, SEO to reach new audiences, thought leadership and brand positioning, or one of the many other goals blogs can achieve. From there we collaborate with you on topics and content that will lead to achieving your goals. Together, we help you analyze what topics are trending, what helps your brand stand out in your industry, and what will keep your target audience coming back for more.

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