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Our digital marketing services take a cohesive approach to all digital channels to create a single, compelling digital brand. Whether you need us for a full digital marketing strategy or to fill the gaps in your own digital efforts, we adapt our services to deliver the best performance for your goals. The digital marketing landscape is always growing, always changing: lean on us to keep pace with the changes and to know how to turn them to your business’ advantage.

We will help you understand how your target audience behaves online, and how you can reach new potential customers with a thoughtful digital strategy. We will also help you connect your offline marketing with your online marketing efforts in order to create a cohesive brand experience for all of your target audiences.

Creating content that brings in new business is more than an art, it’s also a science. Called content marketing, this marketing form starts with understanding your target audience – what they want to know, where they congregate online, what kinds of content they consume – and publishing materials that attracts them to your business, products, and services. Whether that’s killer blog posts, videos, ebooks, or whitepapers, the point is to create and distribute valuable and relevant content designed to drive customer action.

Fuel your business with a strategic content marketing plan and fresh material by partnering with Scheffey. We help you take advantage of search trends, consumer decision-making trends, and social media trends by developing and executing strategic content marketing for your business.

When done well, social media marketing bridges the gap between your brand and your target audience in a low-pressure, highly engaging environment. Social media marketing can lead to generating buzz around your business or services, attracting new clients, or serve as an extension of your marketing and customer service teams. Scheffey specializes in uniquely blending advertising and organic posts to achieve your goals. We help you create attractive profiles, take advantage of social media algorithms, and engage with your target audience on social media. We can create campaigns and content calendars from scratch, work alongside your team to run social ads while your internal marketing creates posts, or some combination of the two. All along the way we will provide metrics and reporting so you can nimbly adjust to post performance and social trends.

Blogging is one of the main strongholds of any website’s SEO and a good content marketing campaign. Writing blog content is more than just churning out a few paragraphs about something related to your business or industry. At Scheffey, we start with considering what you want your blog to achieve for your business: lead generation, SEO to reach new audiences, thought leadership and brand positioning, or one of the many other goals blogs can achieve. Then we collaborate with you on topics and content that will lead to achieving your goals. Together, we help you analyze what topics are trending, what helps your brand stand out in your industry, and what will keep your target audience coming back for more.

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Checking email is addictive: some studies point to people checking their email 15 times a day. Email marketing is alive and well, but success depends on creativity, relevance, and consistency. Scheffey can help you with that.

We help you segment your target audiences so we can dive deeper in the content that your segments wants (or needs) to hear from you. When done well, email can lead to the highest ROI of any singular digital channel – a fact you’ll be able to measure with the metrics Scheffey provides as a part of our email marketing service. Whether you’re appealing to other businesses or attracing new customers to your products and services, email marketing is a powerful tool to support your marketing campaigns.

Paid advertising goes by many names and forms: Pay-per-click ads, Google Ads (AKA AdWords), Bing ads, programmatic ads, display ads, and remarketing are just a few of them. Because there are so many different platforms, it is very easy for paid advertising campaigns to be disjointed or disconnected from your overall marketing. Scheffey helps your business bring your paid and digital ads back into alignment with your business goals and brand image. We use data and today’s best digital advertising strategies to drive new business to your doors. Don’t leave your campaigns running on auto-pilot: we provide hands-on management and reporting that itegrates with all of your marketing efforts. Whether you use us for paid search, programmatic ad campaigns, or any other paid advertising platform, you’ll get tangible results and a quantifiable ROI.

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