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Our creative services cover all forms of design, copywriting, branding, video production, website design, and more.

For all the latest technologies and myriad of ways we now reach and interact with our audience, there are just as many things that haven’t changed about being a successful advertising designer. Scheffey puts the thinking before the creating to ensure that the design aligns with the audience, the goals, and the platforms in which it will appear. Industry trends are constantly shifting and changing. Scheffey believes that it’s important to stay current with fonts, color, imagery, lifestyle, and tone. But good design practices and each designer’s unique style should shine through. Our design team brings their creative insight to every project or campaign to deliver designs that tell your story in a visually compelling way.

We think of copy in much the same way. Our copywriting reflects your brand by using the tone that fits and projecting the personality that defines your business. We are deliberate in creating copy where every sentence has a purpose in generating the emotion and customer engagement we strive to achieve.

Our brands excite and motivate. They are created using a proven process in which we uncover your business’ unique attributes, and then weave those attributes into the visual design. Whether your brand is bold, soothing, smart, historic, modern, edgy, or something else – we will help you convey that aesthetic through your brand identity.

We all know that consistency is key when projecting your brand to your audience. Scheffey designs creative platforms that provide the basis on which all designs are built. Through campaign designs, your audience will unconsciously register the colors, fonts, and graphics that are uniquely yours. The result is a professional appearance that not only builds confidence for your audience but also ensures that your brand’s story is part of everything you produce.

Great looking, effective sales literature does not have to break the bank. Scheffey can help you create a sales package that will impress. From brochures and catalogs to pocket folders and sell sheets, Scheffey will help you identify and develop effective tools to support and grow your sales efforts.

Dramatic trade show booths, retractable banners, impressive signage – the list goes on! Trade shows are an opportunity to make a big impact with your target audience. Don’t squander that opportunity with less than impressive booth space. Scheffey can help you create the visuals that will attract attention and earn the opportunity for a face-to-face conversation.

We help businesses tell their story through video. Our on-staff producer works with a number of local film companies to generate engaging, brand-focused videos for TV and the internet. Our planning is highly strategic and goes far beyond capturing a scene and writing a script. We find the most effective and compelling way to bring your brand to life and we are very particular about the quality and execution of each video. After all, it represents your brand, and we take that seriously.

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