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Founder, boss, mentor, and friend…

Scott Scheffey always wore multiple hats, both in his professional career and in his personal life, where he was known as a loving husband, caring father, joy-filled grandfather, and supportive friend.

Scott spent his entire professional career using his business insight and marketing acuity to help organizations thrive. At age 28, he co-founded Bucher Scheffey in 1990 and became the sole owner in 1996. Clients appreciated Scott’s ability to combine his perspective as a business owner with understanding both the creative and functional sides of marketing. Known as a servant-leader, Scott knit together an agency of experts who work collaboratively to plan and execute custom integrated marketing plans. Scott’s drive to tie each strategy back to clients’ business goals remains the foundation of every plan developed today.

Scott generously shared his experience and talents by serving on community boards and committees throughout the years. More recently, he had served as an Elder on the Board of LCBC Church and a Member of the Lancaster Bible College Corporation. Scott was also heavily involved with the Lancaster Chamber.

As the agency’s founder and President, Scott set the example in always looking forward. He didn’t rest in old patterns but kept positioning and repositioning the agency to support ever-changing client needs, marketing trends, and consumer habits. His emphasis on long-term strategic goals over short-term gains has been woven into the fabric of who Scheffey is today and who we will continue to be in the future. His legacy of purpose and principle continues through his family, friends, and in the innumerable lives he has touched. Scott’s legacy will also carry on through the team at Scheffey, who honor him by continuing to serve clients by taking their businesses further through strategic integrated marketing campaigns.

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