Scheffey's Favorite Super Bowl Ads of 2020

February 3, 2020In Marketing Strategy, MediaBy Scheffey

Are you a person who watches the Super Bowl for the football, the halftime show, or the ads, no one can deny there’s a certain frenzy around the $5.6 million mini-productions known as the Super Bowl commercial. This year churned out a few so-so ads, a few tear-jerkers, and some of the most hilarious ads we’ve seen since February last year. We asked the team which ads stuck out to them, and here is what they had to say:

megan risser

Megan Risser

Google’s ‘Loretta’ commercial made me cry, of course. I read that it was based on a true story of one of Google’s employee’s grandparents, which I thought was really special. I’m sure I’ll continue to cry every time I see it. Thanks a lot, Google.

Jeep’s commercial with Bill Murray was clever, especially since it was aired on Groundhog Day. I always loved that movie, and I love Bill Murray! I also know that it would have been my Dad’s favorite, but perhaps he was able to see it from Heaven!” (Megan’s bio.)

Kevin Murphy profile photo.

Kevin Murphy

Jeep’s ‘Groundhog Day’ was nostalgic for me because I remember the Groundhog Day movie, and it was great that it was playing on groundhog day. It was well planned, and the Jeep brand and story of exploring came through loud and clear.

Amazon’s ‘What did people do before Alexa?’ was very clever and funny all the way through. It reminded the audience how technology has really changed our lives in a humorous way.

Facebook’s ‘Ready to Rock?’. Facebook is about people making connections and this ad (great music, by the way) highlights some unique groups that people can connect with on the platform. We are reminded of our different interests as human beings. There is no norm. It was also a cool surprise to have Chris Rock and Rocky show up in the end.” (Kevin’s bio.)

Joy Beachy profile photo.

Joy Beachy

Tide was my favorite. I enjoyed the comedy of the commercial, and I immediately connected with the thought, ‘but the stain is going to set!’ I also enjoyed how it felt like a running joke as the character appeared in ads ‘later.’

What I liked about Hummer’s ad is how it drew you into watching it. In a crowded room with a loud TV, the sudden silences of the commercial created an abrupt change in volume that grabbed attention and made its point. The quick-fire format almost guaranteed that if you missed the first start-stop (promoting silent horsepower) you would catch the subsequent sequences.” (Joy’s bio.)

Doug Hershey profile photo.

Doug Hershey

“It seems there were plenty of spots to laugh at, but the one that’s standing out for me was the Rocket Mortgage Jason Momoa spot. I liked a slew of others, but I’m using this one as my pick! It was unexpected, and I think the humor continued building throughout the commercial.” (Doug’s bio.)

lisa lysle

Lisa Lysle

“My favorite was the Mtn Dew Zero Sugar. I thought it was clever that they were able to take such a scary scene from The Shining and made it so funny. And the clip tied in well with the tag line, ‘As good as the original, maybe even better.’ I’m not sure which was funnier – Tracee Ellis Ross’ quick-turn from terrified to thirsty or Brian Cranston as the creepy little twins. Well done all the way around.” (Lisa’s bio.)

Cheryl Irwin-Bass Professional Bio Photo

Cheryl Irwin-Bass

“Personally, I liked the Hershey’s Take 5 candy bar commercial. It was funny, and it accurately portrayed the notion that no one knows what the Take 5 bar is.” (Cheryl’s bio.)