Add Muscle to Your Marketing with Scheffey Select

In today’s competitive landscape, Scheffey realizes that a business with a single person or small marketing department may not have the time or possess the wide range of expertise needed to develop and fully execute all of their desired marketing tactics. These businesses often need some kind of ongoing marketing support.

The Scheffey Select model operates by working together to determine both the type of work and the number of hours needed for marketing support. The client then locks in the determined number of hours and is guaranteed that Scheffey will be available to complete the desired work each month. And, as your workload and projects change, so does Scheffey’s support. With Scheffey Select, you are guaranteed the support from a team of experts – when you need it and what you need.

Scheffey Select includes the following services:

  • Creative Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Strategies
  • Web SEO and Content Development
  • General Writing Support/Communications
  • Email Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Website Updates

How Scheffey Select works:

  • Client will be assigned a Project Manager who will be the main point of contact to discuss projects, deadlines, and schedule work with the appropriate expert(s) at Scheffey.
  • Clients are invoiced monthly based on the number of marketing hours selected.
  • A mid-month report will be issued to alert the client of the hours remaining each month.
  • Recognizing that workloads can fluctuate, this model offers flexibility to carry over a portion of unused hours to the following month to accommodate for fluxes in workload.
  • Scheffey will provide a report at the end of each month accounting for the hours and projects completed.
  • At the request of the client, Scheffey will make every effort to accommodate additional work and hours the client may need in a given month.

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