Strasburg Rail Road™

Scheffey’s partnership with Strasburg Rail Road dates back to 2001. Throughout this time, Scheffey has provided strategic consultation and creative design/production across all marketing disciplines: traditional media, public relations, digital marketing, website development, and social media.

Our work with Strasburg Rail Road bridges the travel and tourism industries, as well as day-to-day and event promotion. We enjoy speaking to a wide audience including local parents with young kids, families who have or are planning to travel to Lancaster County from out of state, train enthusiasts, and local businesses who use the railcar-to-truck service for various freight. A wide audience with diverse motivations and expectations allows us to use a breadth of tools in our marketing toolbox.

Public relations pitches help keep audiences informed of big events, such as the arrival of Thomas the Tank Engine™ or opening the new Café 1832. Eye-catching billboard design coupled with attention-grabbing radio commercials lets locals and travelers know when there’s something new at the station. Scheffey also designs attractive collateral pieces distributed at heavily visited tourism and hotel destination locations.

As more and more travelers turn to their phones to plan their events, Scheffey boosts Strasburg Rail Road’s digital presence through website updates and social media advertising. Regular blog posts keep fans engaged with the site, and provides enthusiasts on the mailing list fresh email content for their inboxes. We extend our reach to those searching for things to do in the area through programmatic ad buys, display ads, and Google Search Ads.

Each component – digital, print, and media – works together to propel Strasburg Rail Road’s brand and ticket sales, all of which are tracked in our quarterly analytics reports. Our collaboration with this leader in steam railroading has helped ensure that the history it brings alive remains relevant and compelling to the ever-evolving visitor.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Display Signage
  • Collateral Designs
  • Outdoor. Print & Digital Media Buy
  • Public Relations
  • Google Ads
  • Website
  • TV/Radio Commercials
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Analytics Reporting

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