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Scheffey is a marketing communications agency driven by strategy and creativity for results.

When you select Scheffey as your marketing partner, our first priority is to listen. We ask a lot of questions and see things others don’t. Our intention is to reach a deep understanding of the current landscape because our focus is always on strengthening your business.

Here’s How We Helped a Few of Our Clients:

Warfel Logo

“We worked with Scheffey on a several months-long contract to evaluate language we were using in marketing materials and on our website. Via interviews with our Executives and Marketing team and a thorough survey of our clients, Scheffey gained a deep understanding of our values, services, and expertise. With their hard work and guidance, we transformed our website to tell a more compelling story of our capabilities and client promise.

Every member of the Scheffey team was an absolute pleasure to work with. They quickly responded to questions and concerns, accommodated any additional requests, and consistently delivered materials ahead of agreed-upon deadlines. Their professionalism, upfront communication, and positive outlook makes them easy to recommend. We look forward to continuing to work with them on our evolving needs as our organization grows.”

Sara Crimmel Miller
Marketing Communications Manager
Warfel Construction

strasbug-rail-road logo

“To be clear, candid, and as fair in my assessment as possible, I’ll mention that Scheffey doesn’t always strike me as the most ‘cutting-edge,’ ‘creative,’ ‘trend-setting’ organization as it pertains to marketing. But though I say that, I would quickly add that while those aspects may seem to be the most ‘sexy’ or attention grabbing, they are not necessarily what matters most in marketing. I think I have come to appreciate about Scheffey what the Strasburg Rail Road has appreciated for a while now – that your intelligent, consistent, client-focused approach is probably more important to communicating our brand message than whether we can claim the most ‘head-turning’ ad as ours.”

Steve Barrall
Strasburg Rail Road

samaritan counseling center logo

“The Scheffey team began working with us at Samaritan Counseling Center back in 2012 when we wanted to redesign our look! As Scheffey learned about our programs and services and got to know our staff individually, they were able to give us great insight about how our brand could better communicate to the public who we are, our mission and the work that we do.

We received such a positive response to our new brand that we engaged Scheffey once again as we moved into our capital campaign. Our goal was $1.4 million to expand our building and several of our programs. Together we exceeded our goal and raised over $1.5 million.

By working with Scheffey, we learned the importance of telling our story and sharing our impact in the community in order to involve others in helping us achieve our mission!”

Anita Hanna
Director of Development
Samaritan Counseling Center

Penn Medicine White Logo

“We have worked closely with Scheffey over the years in association with our campaigns for the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute and the PA College of Health Sciences. Scheffey was with us at the beginning of each of these campaigns to help develop the vision, create case studies for marketing support that were critical to the success of soliciting funds as well as in recruiting a strong network of campaign volunteers.

In my experience, Scheffey doesn’t see their client relationships as transactional, but as a partnership. The entire team is truly invested in our success and works closely with us to ensure we meet our goals.”

Jen Groff
Executive Director
Lancaster General Health Foundation

Horst Insurance Logo

“Scott has assembled a team of experts. It is not a one-size fits all client management relationship. If I have a web-based issue, Scheffey has the expert I need. If I have a PR need or PR issue or a need for greater visibility or business strategy, Scheffey has an expert for that, too. Scheffey has a broad-based team covering all disciplines. I don’t have one person in particular – I have the entire team.”

David King
Horst Insurance

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