What all organizations can learn from Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs didn’t know how to build a computer or write code or develop apps. And that was ok with him. He knew how do so something of far greater value to Apple … and as we later realized, to global culture. He knew what we wanted in order to make our work more productive and leisure more convenient. And he knew it before any of us did. Why? Because he created that want. While most of us think about what the future may bring, Steve created his – and our – future with devices like the windows-based home computer and later iMac … then the incredible iPod, iPhone and iPad. I’m saddened that he didn’t stay with us longer to see the iTV. And don’t forget his stint at leading PIXAR Animation Studios that developed some of my favorite all-time movies. Anyone agree with me that Toy Story is art’s greatest trilogy?

What can we learn from Steve Jobs’ legacy? While we may not all possess pioneering brilliance and six billion dollars, we can spend more time thinking to the future and how we can impact it. How we can shape it.

Steve Jobs didn’t “brainwash” consumers. His companies introduced products, services and tremendous value that people wanted … or felt they had to have. He – and Apple – really changed our culture. Think about that. What are you doing in your business, organization, community, school or church to help shape the future in ways that attract people? It doesn’t have to be an original idea. Take what someone else started and make it better. Make it something that people need to have. Give it a legacy of helping make people’s lives better, even if in the smallest of ways.