This Year’s International Builders Show Didn’t Disappoint

It was good to see a full and enthusiastic International Builders Show two weeks ago at the Las Vegas Convention Center. (I would have written this blog last week, but I was a little busy shoveling snow. Sandy and I really want to be back in Vegas, even with its unseasonably “chilly” weather. Oh well.) After a series of tough economic years, IBS challenged exhibitors and attendees with the theme “Expect More.” The show was full of interested attendees, and the exhibitors were busy and optimistic. Our client, Inclinator Company of America, certainly went into the show expecting more  – with a goal of capitalizing on the renewed buying momentum after weathering several years of a seriously slumping housing industry. Inclinator rightfully expected more because, like other smart companies, it never stopped listening to its customers or improving its products. Inclinator was determined to be ready when the market was. Its expectations were right on because by midway through IBS, its leads surpassed 2013’s show.

Inclinator’s perseverance over the last few years paid off and serves as a reminder of the opportunities that exist when your competitors retreat into hibernation. For Inclinator, the opportunity resulted in product enhancements, an all-new product, new sales territories and dealers who left Vegas with big smiles. As Inclinator’s marketing partner for 21 years, I expected nothing less.