I love Thanksgiving! It’s the holiday set aside for people, families, organizations, communities and a nation to have a unified pause – at some point on Thursday – to express our thanks. Thanks for family and friends. Thanks for good health. Thanks for the ways in which we earn a living to sustain ourselves and our families. Thanks for the comforts at home and in life.

For me, Thanksgiving is more than just one day. It’s the culmination as I reflect back over the past year. Sure, not every day was good. But even in those moments of adversity and sadness, I am reminded of – and comforted by – all I have in my life … and how those around me make me stronger. Better. So on Thursday, I will be surrounded by some of my most cherished blessings: my family.  And as I say the blessing over our meal and raise my glass, I will be thinking of all of the people who have enriched my life – personally and professionally – and saying THANK YOU.