Tap into your people power to promote your company

What if your walls could talk? Oh wait, they can and do just about every time someone from the inside walks outside your walls. But, is all that chatter working for you or against you in your effort to establish your brand in the marketplace? Small, medium or large companies go to great lengths to develop communications plans to reach their target audience, often forgetting to tap into the most obtainable and captive audience of all – the insiders. Successful companies – of any size – recognize and applaud their employees as ambassadors of the company and their brand. It only makes sense – right? Investing in your first line of defense – to get them “on board” – is the first step in creating a viral marketing strategy. You know, I tell two people, who tell two people and so on. After all, if your own team isn’t motivated to act as an influencer, how can you expect to convince and convert the outsider? But, by on board, I don’t mean “employee of the month” or even year-end bonus. Rather, “on board” to those who are sitting in the seats, means respect, inclusion and a firm understanding of changes or lack-there-of. A genuine investment in the people closest to who you are, and who you want to be, could prove to be the most powerful tool in your marketing mix. Investment Thoughts:

  • Develop an open and transparent culture.
  • Treat your employees like your most important customers.
  • Encourage questions, suggestions and constructive criticism.
  • Train your employees so they add value and feel valued.
  • Live your message and brand by incorporating it into everyday.