Super Bowl Commercials: Can You Name The Brand?

Child sitting in front of a TV screenI have been entrenched with Scheffey and the marketing scene now for nearly 15 years and each year I still struggle with this love-hate relationship with the Super Bowl commercials. Now as owner and president of our small but mighty agency, I am looking at these commercials with a slightly new lens…and no, I am not talking about my new reading glasses. I thought it would be fun to throw out my unique “on-the-business” perspective.

Every year the first thought that rolls through my head as I anxiously wait for the highly creative and highly expensive Super Bowl commercials (and no I am not forgetting some good old football) is “will I even remember the brand after being captivated by the clever storyline?” While I realize that each commercial will be received differently by each viewer, I can remember many years where I could clearly recall the scenes and storylines of some clever commercials, but then forget what brand, product, or service they were trying to promote. Even brands I can identify with. We have all been there, right?

As a businessperson, I would think this would drive me a bit crazy to think I spent 5+ million dollars on a commercial only to have portions of my audience walk away saying “that was awesome…now what was that commercial for again?”

This is why I notice when a commercial has the opposite effect on the audience. While Jeep was not the only one that seems to find a sweet spot with me, I think their commercial stood out for several reasons.

Jeep and their marketing partners did a great job thinking ahead and planning for this commercial. Taking many items into consideration – from the day the ad would air (Groundhog’s Day) to the ability to use the movie of the same name to continuously show a bright orange Jeep Gladiator over and over and over again – it was a win-win for me. Bringing back Bill Murray and referencing the movie, Groundhog Day, captured a target audience that is familiar with this 1993 film. Don’t forget this is an audience who is likely able to afford and appreciate their vehicles…yes, I am talking to you fellow Gen-Xer’s. From a marketing and business perspective, this commercial had all the right thinking from beginning to end.

All in all, a balance between high creativity and clearly representing your brand’s product and services is always your best shot at success. If you would like to experience how the Scheffey team can partner with your business to “Think, Create, Sell, and Analyze” your way through your marketing challenges, let’s start a conversation before you spend a couple million dollars on your next 30-second commercial. 🙂