Super Bowl Ads

Elaborate ads have become as synonymous with the Super Bowl as Janet Jackson’s halftime wardrobe blunder. This year delivered an array of top-dollar commercials all vying for a permanent place in TV History.

There were the laugh-out-loud good, those so bad we were nearly in tears thinking about the $4 million wasted and of course those Budweiser puppies.

Because ads are what we talk about, the Scheffey Team has compiled our unofficial list of the brands we think scored big and those who fumbled their ad dollars this Super Bowl.

Brian Weit
Internet Marketing Specialist

I can’t resist a good 80’s movie. Any commercial that can combine “Back to the Future”, “Teen Wolf”, Chucky, and Hulk Hogan in one ad is going to relate to a male that grew up in the 80’s – a prime target for the Radio Shack. Plus the message is so true; the interior of RadioShack has been stuck in the 80’s for years.

“The Phone Call”, Radio Shack

Lisa Campbell
Strategic Director

I liked the VW one when the German engineers get their wings.  It was funny, cleverly done and very memorable! (Do-be-do-be-do…)

“Wings”, Volkswagon

Doug DeMarra
Graphic Designer

I really liked Coca Cola’s #AmericaIsBeautiful Ad.

It celebrated the many colors, lifestyles and origins of Americans who are nonetheless one. It shows how strong America is because it absorbs the people, aspirations, and talents of the rest of the world without erasing their cultures. It’s a beautiful thing!

“#AmericaIsBeautiful”, Coca-Cola

Dave Freidel
Internet Developer

I liked the Budweiser “Puppy Love” commercial the least. I see it as trying to capitalize on last year’s success with the Budweiser Clydesdales. I like to see originality and this one presented it the least. However, the Seahawks were quite original with their first Super Bowl win!

“Puppy Love”, Budweiser

Lisa Lysle
Media Buyer

My favorite Super Bowl commercial was from Radio Shack.  I think it took courage to poke fun at its dated image and who wouldn’t love a commercial with both Dee Snider and Alf in it?

“The Phone Call”, Radio Shack

Kevin Murphy
Operations Administrator

My favorites were the Radio Shack 80’s commercial (major flashbacks) and the Doritos Time Machine (but I have to admit I have never seen a Maserati commercial before).

Pistachios had to be one of the worst and the Budweiser commercials are always old in my opinion…I guess you can beat a dead (or live) horse.

“The Man Behind the Nut: Stephen Colbert”, Wonderful Pistachios

Stacey Bollinger
Client Manager

Overall, I found myself completely underwhelmed by the Superbowl ads. I felt that I saw a lot of ads that were trite or that I had seen before – even if I hadn’t seen that particular brand’s ad before.

That being said, I found exception with the Jeep Cherokee “Restless” ad.  It jumped out at me the first time I saw it!  I enjoyed that it was action-driven in its use of imagery and audio, using powerful words such as “Go.  Run.  Act.  Find.  Dare.”  However, it was also under-stated and didn’t fall back on loud music, a distracting voice-over talent or on-screen talent or flashy lights.  I enjoyed the muted earth tones, which coincided nicely with the idea of getting outside and experiencing life “when the walls close in.”

The audio was conversational, daring its listener to desire and inspire asking “Are you among the restless many?”  “When the walls close in, do you climb out?”  ” When the road ends, do you go on?”  An ad that makes you feel, whether through laughing, crying or inspiring is a powerful and effective ad. While I’m certainly not looking for a car, this made me want to drive off the beaten path on an adventure…in a Jeep.  Well, done!

“Restless”, Jeep

Victoria Miville
Social Media & PR Specialist

Every time I’ve see the Dannon Oikos commercials, I can’t help but think of Uncle Jesse from the TV show, “Full House”, so I loved seeing the FH crew back together even if for just a few seconds. The cameo was a surprise and great comic relief. Plus smart leveraging of the online buzz surrounding a rumored “Full House” reunion this year. Dannon did a good job of maintaining their brand standards with the opening of the commercial while playing up what (I think) most people’s reference is when they see John Stamos indulging in that yogurt. #HaveMercy

“The Spill”, Dannon