While return on investment may be hard to measure in this setting of virtual word-of-mouth, return on engagement is a trackable, measurable metric. While some measure social media success on posting, tweeting and updating status, it’s important to also look at trends, motivators and where engagement moves from conversation to conversion.

amt-socialmediaFor American Music Theatre (AMT), the strategy includes a fan corner on the website where AMT provides music play lists, videos and comments from AMT fans. AMT ties in its social media by providing links and asking visitors to follow them on Facebook, MySpace and Flickr.

“As we work on changing the positioning of American Music Theatre in the marketplace and connecting with music lovers in Central PA, it was important for us to get involved in social media. Scheffey has been providing us with metrics and analytics so we can really look at how people are using it and tailor our marketing approach to give music fans what they want. It is a very powerful tool and it has been really exciting to watch our social media marketing develop.”

Andy Garman
Director of Operations
American Music Theatre