Positive Energy in the Workplace: Why It Really Matters


I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I thrive on creating positive energy in the workplace. And, I think I’m pretty great at it! I have been in many job reviews where that is one of the key attributes that I bring to a team. I’m proud of that. I truly believe that if you want to succeed in life, both personally and professionally, you must be “magnetic”. Be that person that others want to be around. Naturally, you will see how this impacts your life…both at home, and in the workplace.

Let’s start by discussing how I define energy. Some people may not realize this, but everyone has an aura, or energy field, that walks alongside us no matter what we’re doing. This energy can either draw others in or it can repel them, without even having to say a word. Powerful, right? Think about it this way: When you walk down a sidewalk, is your head held high, eager to greet those who pass you with a warm smile or a “Hello”? Or do you look down at your feet or pretend to be on your phone when passing someone? These are things to think about when evaluating the kind of energy you naturally demonstrate to others.

Every day we exude good or bad energies from ourselves. This energy that we create can significantly influence our own outlook on situations, as well as everyone else’s around us. So, if we make a conscious effort to create more positive energy directly from ourselves, can you imagine the improvements that could be made in our lives? Our families? Our workplace? Our communities? Might seem like a stretch to some, but I believe it.

To me, this is extremely important in the workplace. I believe that how you contribute to your work environment is just as important as what you contribute. Staying positive at work on a daily basis is imperative to our mental health. This is especially true since we basically spend more time with our coworkers than our own families. If we are miserable all day, it will show, and it can, in turn, cause those around us to be miserable. Who wants that? I’m a strong believer in the fact that genuine positive energy is contagious. But, at the same time, so is negativity. So, choose wisely.

Since I know this doesn’t come naturally to everyone, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions and ideas to get the vibes going for some good-ol’ positive energy:

1). Start with Yourself – Yes, it should be that simple. Make a conscious effort to focus on gratitude, genuine integrity, and positive thoughts. Keep the typical “glass half-full” mindset on everything you do and say. Show selflessness and give off compassionate energy. Be attentive to your surroundings and other people’s feelings and needs, and then offer a helping hand when it’s appropriate. Nothing says positive energy more than that. And remember, it’s contagious. Win-win for everyone.

2). Collaboration – You know the saying, “There’s No I in Team.” Well, your positive or negative energy can come across very easily based on your team dynamic. Show others that their opinions and suggestions matter. Make it easy for people to come to you for your opinions and suggestions, too! Keep an “open door” approach to encourage collaboration and openness to others.

We recently made some improvements here at Scheffey that encourage team collaboration. Our individual office spaces are more open and we have casual meeting spaces scattered throughout the office. I can say, without a doubt, that since we’ve made these changes there has been a significant increase in positive energy and camaraderie as a team. Positive teams are more productive. Again, win-win for everyone.

3). Community Involvement – Nothing gives off positive energy more than doing something that makes you feel good. What better way to feel good and build positive energy than getting involved in your community? Staying actively involved in something you’re authentically passionate about will naturally bring you feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction. These feelings will then radiate from you in the form of positive energy! Participating in a volunteer effort with your coworkers is a fantastic way to build open lines of communication through trust, participation, teamwork and most of all, fun! And again, win-win for everyone. (Are you seeing the trend here?)

4). Lifestyle – So many things in our daily lives can positively or negatively impact our mindset. The best way to maintain a constant, consistent flow of positive thinking is to make a conscious effort to make positive lifestyle choices.

We all know what can influence us negatively. So, don’t associate with those things. Whether it’s a person or a habit: let it go. Instead, focus on what brings POSITIVE energy into your life. Listen to uplifting, inspiring music. Go for a walk during your lunch break. Do yoga or meditate in the morning before work. Read more books. Keep a bowl of chocolates by your desk to encourage others to come over for a quick chat during the workday. Give praises and compliments daily. Get a dog. Or just go to the dog park and watch other people’s dogs (yes, I’ve been known to do that!) Moral of the story: find things that make you happy and do them. Period.

According to Positive Psychology Program, our genes are responsible for about 50% of our happiness and our actions and attitudes account for 40%. So sure, we can’t argue that genuine happiness will come more naturally to some than others. But why not focus on that remaining 40% and make the most of it? You decide.

I believe we can all use our positive energy to truly succeed in life. We can have better relationships with our friends and families. In the workplace, we can use positive energy to make connections through networking, gain new clients, be more productive and efficient which can lead to promotions, and of course, make new friends in the process!

Get a taste of the positive vibes at Scheffey and come take a tour of our newly re-designed office in Lancaster, PA. Contact us today or stop by to come see us in action.