Playing to Your Strengths

Today I’m thankful for Marcus Buckingham, my boss and my father because they provide inspiration and motivation to “play to my strengths.”

For some individuals it takes decades to figure out what their strengths are and what makes them thrive (not just what they are good at). For some, they never have the pleasure of a career that utilizes their strengths. I am very fortunate to be playing to my strengths early in my career.

Last week in a team-building meeting at Scheffey, we watched the motivational short film by Marcus Buckingham, The Truth About You, which clearly outlines how to identify and play to your strengths. I’m thankful for the inspiration Marcus Buckingham provided. It takes self-reflection and hard work but it is possible to be part of that small percentage of people who play to their strengths and have thriving careers.

I’m thankful for my boss, Scott Scheffey, who shares Marcus’ vision and leads by actions, not just words. Scott shows daily how you can be successful by playing to your strengths. He doesn’t lead our team with the motto “There is no ‘I’ in team” but rather the mindset that a well-rounded team is created by individuals with unique strengths that complement each other.

Finally, I’m thankful for the example my father set – he showed me what playing to your strengths really means. Growing up I watched my father work in a stressful job for about ten years. We all knew he was stressed and maxed out in that job. It took some time for him to come to the self-realization that he was not well suited for his job, it was the exact opposite of playing to his strengths. As my father evaluated his strengths and focused on self-discovery, he was able to ask his superiors to create a needed, new position in the company that played to his strengths. I have watched my father thrive and help grow the company since he enjoys his job and is playing to his strengths.

Everyone can use a little motivation now and then – so here is the first three minutes of The Truth About You by Marcus Buckingham.

Then you can go here and get your own copy.