Paperless? Someday. Toyless? Never.

Scheffey team members are decluttering spaces to prepare for a total office overhaul. It’s forcing us to go through just about everything in our areas and prioritize what stays and decide what can go. Computer to where my eyes and fingers are affixed for hours every day … stay. Rolodex I haven’t opened in years … adios. Plus, I have very full desk drawers and a 2-drawer lateral file that I’ve designated as my main declutter targets. But my toys carefully placed here and there? STAYING PUT! I believe we all need things around us at work that keep us in our happy place and foster calmer, clearer and creative thinking. (Don’t worry family … a few photos are staying too.) My toys keep me grounded. Some remind me of my carefree childhood. Others remind me of favorite movies. They help me look through complex situations and see simple solutions. (Just like in the Toy Story trilogy.) They also entertain our grandkids and team members’ young kids when they stop by.

So I have my toys. What’s the non-work-issued thing you have prioritized for your office?