One Man’s Trash

What a pretty trash truck.  When was the last time you heard someone utter those words.  For me, never – not until today.  What’s even stranger is that those words came out of my mouth as I drove along a section of North Queen Street often bogged down by the dirty trash-eating machines, that so appropriately depict the product they haul.

But, not this truck.  It was clean, vibrant and friendly.  This truck actually made me smile.  It was at that instant I caught myself being sucked into the power of a beautiful, strategic and well-executed marketing plan.   At that moment, the Penn Waste brand made a lasting and impactful impression on my thinking, not only in my perception of the company, but also in my impression of the trash hauling industry in general.

I knew Penn Waste was making a play for territory growth in Lancaster County.  And, I knew, on a low-level, that the company wanted to build awareness of its leadership role in recycling and sustainable practices.  The company has been methodically rolling out its plan to set itself apart from the others and has found a great vehicle to connect with the Lancaster community.

A good marketing plan to build awareness and reputation takes time to root.  I venture to guess this plan will be successful.  I doubt I am the only one who now wants this truck rolling down my street.

Nicely done Penn Waste.