Marketing to the Temporary Tourist

The summer season is upon us and for many that means packing up for vacations and getaways – both locally and afar. For the Lancaster County tourism market it means the start of busy season – catering to visitors and calculating the results of a well-planned marketing strategy put in motion months ago with the goal of driving attendance June through August.

Tourism is big business in Lancaster County, now noted as a top industry for revenue and employment. The Pennsylvania Dutch Convention and Visitor’s Bureau estimates more than 8 million visitors come to Lancaster County annually, creating a direct economic impact to the tune of 1.9 billion dollars.

Scheffey supports local tourism by developing and implementing strategies to attract visitors to our tourism clients. This expertise has helped us to develop a niche market here at Scheffey.

Because tourists are temporary and exposed to a brand for a shorter period of time, it’s essential to know who the audience is, what appeals to them and what information impacts them (experience from past visits, online review sites, articles in magazines or advertising, for example). Scheffey approaches destination marketing through research, strategy, fluid implementation and an eye for results.

In collaboration with our clients we outline key goals and benchmarks to guide our efforts. With an understanding of audience, geographic reach, past strategies and results we develop a tailor-made strategy filled with specified objectives geared toward reaching our defined goals. Our plans are built with flexibility, allowing for modifications as benchmarks and market conditions dictate.

Every effort is only as good as the result it generates. At Scheffey we are driven by sales. In the end, it’s the number of people who buy a ticket to experience the slice of Lancaster County our clients have to offer that ultimately determines our value and effectiveness. As you evaluate the effectiveness of your planning for this year and begin looking ahead to 2015 remember this easy acronym – R.A.C.E – Research, Audience, Communication and Evaluation.

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