Looking Forward Through a New Lens

Our team wrapped up 2015 quietly celebrating our 25th anniversary. Because we tend to look forward more than backward, we hadn’t paid much attention to this milestone. But a few people reminded us of how unusual this is for marketing firms, and asked what it took to make it to 25 years.

We didn’t try to hold on to comfort zones of the past and instead kept positioning – and re-positioning – ourselves to support ever-changing client needs, marketing trends and consumer habits. This meant having a long-term strategic emphasis with a daily tactical focus.

So we’re using our 25th anniversary to introduce a refreshed Scheffey brand.

We still have our kinetic energy icon, just a little thinner to be even more nimble. We’re still Scheffey, but it’s shown standing tall and with a little creative flair that people have come to expect from us. The biggest difference is we dropped Integrated Marketing from our name. We still provide integrated services for clients, but the shortened name communicates our clean approach before embarking with a client on the best strategy for their success.

So now, you can just call us Scheffey.