Lessons from Leadercast

Last Friday, I had the great privilege to attend Leadercast – an opportunity for which I am always grateful, and this year was no exception. The theme was “Architects of Tomorrow,” and yet the most compelling takeaway for me was “live in the now.” As I listened to the speakers, some of the things that struck me the most were not new, and certainly not complex. Instead, they were very basic reminders that guide not only our professional lives, but our entire lives. For me, they were reminders of how to be of better service to my clients; but also how to be better in my other roles – wife, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, friend.

Communicate with clarity. Be your authentic self. Be thoroughly present. See? Not rocket science, right? So why is it that we all fall away from these principles so easily? Perhaps because we are moving too fast, taking on too much, trying to be something or someone else, whatever it may be, this year’s Leadercast speakers had great insights on why living in the now is the best path to a great tomorrow.

Communicate with clarity. Andy Stanley used examples from current political campaigns as well as vision statements from notable brands to demonstrate how communicating clearly will make your message memorable and…well, clear! If someone needs to contemplate “what does that mean?” then you have some work to do.

Be your authentic self. Believe it or not, this reminder was delivered by a 15-year old boy named Aidan Thomas Hornaday. Wise beyond his years, Aidan has already learned the lesson that many of us have yet to fully grasp. When we are authentic and real, we create trust, and ultimately, results. This principle was underscored by another speaker who said, “They won’t care what I know until they know that I care.” Whether you are motivating employees, parenting your children or coaching athletes, this just makes sense.

Be thoroughly present. Speaker Kat Cole recommended the “hot shot rule.” If she were no longer there (in her job, with her family), and a “hot shot” replaced her in that role, what would they do differently? If you slow down, lift your head and apply this rule, what might you learn? Speaker Chris Barez-Brown advocated for avoiding auto-pilot. By taking a different route to work, breathing properly and having a little fun, we can ensure that our sub-conscious doesn’t take over, robbing us of great opportunity.

These are just a few of the insights and speakers, but for me, they were the highlights that struck home. These fundamental principles remind me that creativity, influence and impact can’t be expected tomorrow if we’re just going through the motions today.