Is Your Marketing Integrated?

Bringing multiple marketing disciplines together with a common, targeted message will help your company achieve its marketing goals. Just as using multiple mediums in the media world increases your reach and frequency, multiple marketing disciplines create synergies between traditional media, public relations, interactive, and even customer service and employee relations.

If you think of your marketing solely in terms of paid media, you are overlooking tremendous opportunity in other areas. Consider the following questions to help you determine whether your marketing is integrated.

  1. When you launch a new radio spot, does your Web site and/or E-newsletter deliver upon the messages, offers and/or promises of the spot?
  2. Are your public relations efforts pro-active and aligned with traditional media messaging; or are your efforts reactive, flat or impersonal (or even non-existent)?
  3. Does the experience deliver upon your marketing promises? Are front-line employees aware of specific campaigns?
  4. Does your employee training support the marketing goals you have established? That is, if service sets you apart from the competition, have you established the necessary training to sustain this asset?

Strategic, deliberate, integrated marketing will help your communications remain consistent, clear and memorable. Don’t overlook the benefits of thinking beyond traditional media, and don’t make the mistake of failing to keep the branding and messaging in all marketing channels consistent.