Is Your Brand Promise the Same as People’s Experience with Your Brand?

In just the last week, I’ve had two people share very unsatisfactory experiences with local businesses. I’ve never used either one, and after hearing their stories, I’ll likely look elsewhere if I want to buy those products or services. On the other hand, I regularly hear people tell me how great some thing or place was and that I should try it. These are examples of brand experiences. If I had some free time and the desire, I’d check out what those brands are promising in their marketing. I’d then see if there are any online reviews to validate or dispute those marketing claims.

As marketers, we build brand awareness and compel people to take action around a promise. We rely heavily on our clients to deliver on those promises. Daily. Consistently. Exceptionally. An employee’s bad day could waste thousands of marketing dollars and kill much-needed momentum in a flash.

Ephrata National Bank (besides being our client, they are our business bank and personal mortgage & loan holder) promises that “You’ll feel the difference.” We definitely do, and it’s a breath of fresh air among the over-complicated and over-regulated world of banking. We use “simple banking” in their marketing because ENB already had it in its DNA, and it’s an accurate descriptor for the experience they deliver.

I bought a bow tie at Filling’s Men’s Store last month for a special event. But only because Randy promised I could come back on the day of the event and someone would tie it for me. And Lindsay cheerfully and masterfully delivered on that promise. I’ve told that story to countless people …and it’s just one more reason I’ve been a raving fan of Filling’s for more than 30 years.

So focus on what your organization’s team can do every day to deliver an exceptional and memorable experience. And it doesn’t have to be one big thing. In fact, it’s often the little things that make the biggest difference with people.

At Scheffey, we don’t just create great logos and positioning lines. We help clients assess their brands and identify gaps that need addressed. We coach organizations on ways to enhance their team’s brand-building efforts. And, of course, we work to connect more people with those exceptional brands.

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