I Choose to Be Joyful

I think I’ve always been a fairly positive person. Or at least I’ve done a good job hiding the gray cloud that may have hung over me from time to time. My relationship with Christ helps keep the weight on my shoulders manageable. It sure has helped having a wife who loves me, children who still want to be part of our lives, and friends, co-workers and clients who keep me sharp and energized.

I’m not chasing artificial treasures like fame and fortune. Those people about whom I care most know who I am and where my heart is. I am rich beyond measure with cherished relationships. And joy recently took on a whole new meaning when our son Aaron and daughter-in-law Rhonda blessed us with our first grandchild: Jeremiah Scott. Words don’t exist to describe the overwhelming peace that consumes you while holding your precious grandchild.

Life is good. Very good. Sure, we’re still navigating through a fragile economy and owning a business has its never-ending heavy responsibilities. But for me, I am exactly where – and with whom – I want to be in life. If you can’t say that, please don’t settle. Do something about it. Ask those closest to you for help. Find ways to bring joy to your life. Start by investing in your relationships with others.