How Video Brings Your Brand to Life

What do Strasburg Rail Road, GSM Roofing and Ross Technology have in common? At first blush you might be hard-pressed to find a connection between one of Pennsylvania’s most popular tourist attractions, a commercial roofer and a global manufacturer of high-security products like anti-ram fences and bullet- and blast-resistant doors and windows. They all have different products, different geographic reaches and even different target audiences, but all three have figured out how to easily and effectively communicate their brand value through video.

With today’s consumer-friendly technology, video marketing no longer needs to be a budget-breaker it once was. And, with online and social channels it’s easier than ever to let your customers experience your brand without leaving their seat or sifting through catalogs, sell-sheets or online reviews. For Strasburg Rail Road, “teasing” families with a short video of the train ride is driving ticket sales. For Ross Technology, a video captivates as you experience the strength and effectiveness of an innovative perimeter security fence. GSM Roofing tapped into drone technology to provide an up close and personal view of their roofing capabilities and craftsmanship.

So what makes video marketing so effective? You can credit our decreasing attention span and our increased expectation of getting information in a fast and entertaining way. And, with each generation emerging a bit savvier than the last, the demand for video marketing is only going to increase.

Good thing it works!

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