Happy (for) Independence!

America’s independence gave people the freedom to choose and decide for themselves, giving generations of people the courage to explore and invent.

Thomas Edison failed many times, leading up to significant inventions that contributed to being able to see in the dark and listen to a movie as well as watch it. While many agree it was Karl Benz who created the first true automobile, it was Henry Ford’s vision of middle class Americans being able to afford to buy a car that catapulted the industry. Ray Kroc took an idea the McDonald brothers had and turned their small restaurant into a franchise model that became a phenomenal global success. Steve Jobs transformed the computer world, and Apple’s subsequent products have revolutionized our culture.

If not for the freedom so many people take for granted today, these ingenious and persistent people – and countless others – likely would not have created the brands that we seemingly can’t live without. Happy Independence Day and go USA!