Flip flops just may be my most valuable business tool.

I haven’t always worn flip flops. You have to know me fairly well to understand this. I have some slight OCD tendencies, so having things like dirt, grass and especially sand get under my feet really annoy me. Really! But a good friend helped me overcome some of that several years back. I’m proud to say that, today, I have three pairs. I also have a pair of Crocs, so that’s like three-and-a-half.

So what do flip flops have to do with business? I realized something. When I wear flip flops, I relax. When I relax, I think more clearly. When I think more clearly, ideas start to flow. When ideas start to flow and I’m relaxed wearing flip flops, I solve problems, think of new initiatives, create some great marketing ideas for clients, and on and on. It really works. They are such a valuable business tool that I’ve even moved up from the cheap rubber ones to higher-priced leather flip flops. But don’t call them sandals, or the creativity stops flowing.

Find your “flip flops.” It may be early morning jogs. It may be lying on your back picking out shapes in the clouds. It may be riding a motorcycle. Just find your “flip flops.” And be sure to have a pad and pen with you ready to write down all of the amazing things that come to mind.