Five Tips To Measure The Impact Of Social Media

Anyone who has a pulse of what people want today understands that waiting for what we want is not on the list. As a society, we expect and demand information at a fast and furious pace. Never before has there been a medium to allow you to connect with your customers and stakeholders in real-time. When calculating the value of social media, companies should look at the ROE – return on engagement. To help you measure your impact, look for the following.

  • Are you attracting participants?
  • Have you developed loyal followers?
  • Are your followers recommending you to others?
  • What information is most engaging to your audience?
  • What information is being shared with others?

It’s important to remember that social media is not a one-size fits all tool. Before you start communicating through social media you need to define your objectives, goal and the audience you are hoping to engage. Did you know?

  • The #1 social network, Facebook has 640 million users worldwide
  • Twitter, the second leading social network has 175 million users
  • LinkedIn has grown 100% in the last year, now with 100 million users