Five Ideas to Boost Inspiration and Motivation

  1. At the start of your week, reflect on the goals for that week.  This is more than merely a To Do List.  What meaningful tasks can you accomplish to achieve those larger goals?  Not only can this help to provide focus and direction, but also in recording your goals it helps to hold you accountable.  Did you know that simply by writing your goals you increase the likelihood of realizing those goals?
  2. Designate key times throughout the day to check and respond to emails and voicemails.  Certainly there are exceptions to the rule.  However, in designating specific times throughout the day to check and respond to these forms of contact instead of simply leaving your email inbox open, it allows more thoughtful responses as well as provides the ability to focus on one project at a time.
  3. Take a breather every so often to stretch your legs or to fill up a glass of water.  Not only is it helpful for your eyes, but it also helps to clear your mind and spark your creative juices.
  4. You are the company you keep.  Surround yourself with positive, motivated and intentional people.  Is there a coworker or mentor whose work or attitude you admire?  Take a closer look at how they act, their thought process, how they respond, etc.  Your work and perspective will only benefit.
  5. Be mindful of your thoughts, actions and life.  Live with purpose and life’s passion will follow.