Disney is a great place to visit. Even better without young kids.

My wife and I just took our two 20-something kids and their significant others to Disney World for a long weekend getaway. Now that was fun! That makes four straight all-adult Disney vacations for us. Yes, the Disney experience is magical for young children. But take my word, it’s just as much fun for us “old kids.”

Those folks at Disney are smart. Real smart. They keep transforming the experience so people like Sandy and me want to come back – again and again. Try it. And if you’re not busy corralling young children or grandchildren, you get to see a very different side of Disney. We can all learn a lot about transforming our organizations’ experience and building a valuable culture (benefitting teams and customers). If you want to make a more intentional effort to learn from one of the great global successes, look into the Disney Institute. Our friends at Kitchen Kettle Village invested in that training years ago, and Joanne Ladley admits that it was a transforming experience for her and the family business. And if you’ve been to Kitchen Kettle Village, you can see they were very good learners.