It’s been part of our firm’s key messaging (think.create.sell.) for a number of years. People naturally assume it’s our designers who are the ones who “create,” but I’m quick to point out to those people – and make very clear to new team members – that everyone at Scheffey contributes to the creative process because it results in better solutions to problems, inspiring ideas for taking advantage of opportunities, effective plans, powerful tools and insightful consulting.

Creative thinking is at its best through an unbridled and unimpeded exchange of ideas from people with different perspectives of the same problem, opportunity or situation. That means more than just people with “creative” in their title should be included.

Here’s a great example of why. Scheffey worked last year with the Lancaster General Health Foundation on a fundraiser event for the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute. The challenge for any event – especially one with a fundraising goal – is to develop an inspiring theme and exciting promotional materials. Then it’s the event committee’s challenge to bring it all together in a thoroughly enjoyable and memorable evening. From attendance and comments, this event did all that. The event theme – Gingham Gala – was offered up during a Scheffey brainstorming session by our Project Coordinator. The committee loved it and our designers eagerly created a logo, promotional materials and event graphics. The committee came up with so many cool ways to incorporate gingham at the event. The best part was seeing how everyone dressed for the formal affair. By all accounts, the event was a rousing success!

Creative thinking belongs in every organization. At every level. Not just in creative firms like ours. How about your place of business? Are you looking and thinking creatively at situations? Is everyone on your team given an opportunity to rise up as the creative star? Your organization will be much stronger if you answered yes.