Case Study: Taking Your Brand on the Road

If you have a fleet of vehicles and equipment, you’ve got some of the best outdoor advertising already in place – and in your control. While they may be the backbone of your service and/or delivery departments, you can also put them to valuable use for marketing & sales.

But sadly, some organizations introduce a new brand and ignore their vehicles because of the cost to redo graphics or they were just lettered recently when they entered the fleet. Imagine how confusing it is to a prospect when they see vehicles with the same name but completely different look.

horst_truck_smSlight change: Horst Group companies had built tremendous brand awareness over many years with their brown vehicles. We weren’t about to throw that away, so we made sure the new logo looked good on brown. Anything more would have been counter-productive to their brand. You’ll see that we made sure the vehicles were free of clutter. Besides the logo, you’ll see the web address and phone number. Don’t be tempted to put too much information on your vehicles. In this case, “less really is more.”

frey_lutz_van_smDramatic change: Would you ever expect to see an image of a content baby on the van that pulls up to your home to fix your HVAC system? Or how about a woman resting peacefully on a sofa? Yet, the service man is there to make you feel more comfortable in your home. So that’s exactly what we did with Frey Lutz. Armed with a new tagline “comfort’s on the way,” we focused on communicating that brand’s benefit rather than showing a photo of the boring metal box they install in your basement and outside. And again, the vehicle graphics design is clean and powerful.