Another Harvest Moon

Aurora Films of Lancaster announces production is underway for Another Harvest Moon, a feature length film about life, love, friendship and the fears associated with growing older.

Packed with an award-winning, legendary cast, the heartfelt drama tells the story of four friends coping with life in a nursing home. Hollywood icon, Ernest Borgnine stars as the role of Frank, a man who suffers a debilitating stroke who now must come to terms with his own mortality.

Other members of the distinguished cast include (in alphabetical order) Piper Laurie, Anne Meara, Doris Roberts, Richard Schiff and Cybill Shepherd. Sunkrish Bala, Amber Benson, Clay Bravo and Cameron Monaghan round out the cast.

Filmed in the former Harrisburg State Hospital building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the film is based on the play of the same name, by Jeremy Thomas Black; and is directed by Greg Swartz, who brought the project to Aurora Films.

Swartz says the reality of the script is what first attracted him to the film. “The script deals with some weighty issues that at some point will affect us all,” says Swartz. “As I read through it, I was convinced of its ability to draw in a veteran and renowned cast.”

Swartz also notes Pennsylvania’s tax incentives for film investors as playing a huge role in being able to film in the Commonwealth. “Making investments in independent films tax deductible in Pennsylvania opened a lot of doors and helped us secure the funding needed to green-light the project,” said Swartz. Pennsylvania also offered use of the Harrisburg State Hospital building free of charge.

The film is produced by Jason Weiss and Aurora’s Bobby Black and Chad Taylor, Partner with Aurora Film. Taylor is also lead guitarist for the chart-topping, internationally-known band Live.

Nine-time Grammy nominated Jazz pianist, Kenny Barron joins Aurora Films to write and compose the movie score. Barron, a Philadelphia native, was named “Pianist of the Year” by the Jazz Journalists Association in 2006.

Filming for Another Harvest Moon is expected to wrap in July 2008.