Advantages of Working with a Small Marketing Agency


There are many options for businesses in need of marketing services – from the one-person shop to the large firm with an extensive client list. Of course, there are benefits to each, but for many businesses, it is the size in the middle that offers the best advantage.

Small to mid-sized marketing firms like Scheffey offer the access, flexibility, and responsiveness to help businesses keep pace with rapid change.


While you probably will have a primary contact for day-to-day interaction, smaller firms often mean access to everyone when and if you need it. That is certainly the case at Scheffey. Clients can speak with any member of our team – which is always a more authentic exchange of ideas. But even if you are not in the meeting, the team working on your behalf has the same access to each other’s area of expertise in the form of cross- discipline brainstorming. This means that you have access to experts beyond the everyday team working on your behalf, and you only pay for those services when you need them.

In addition, the firm’s owner is often more than the business’ leader, but also a member of the team. This results in a unique skill set combining business acumen and creativity. Scheffey’s founder and owner, Scott Scheffey serves as both President and Strategic Director, bringing valuable insights to business decisions and strategic marketing decisions for our clients.


Smaller firms are nimble. Without the process or hierarchy that larger companies may require for consistency, smaller firms can react to unforeseen changes – placing an ad urgently or changing a digital billboard to accommodate the client. In being nimble, it is also possible to quickly take advantage of opportunities as they develop. One of Scheffey’s clients, a roofing company, has been able to work with our team to quickly communicate after occurrences of storm damage in their market area.

Flexibility also means no “one size fits all” relationship model. Maybe you need fiscal, not calendar year planning; or a hybrid approach to managing a website (some in-house, some with the agency) – this flexible mindset can make all the difference. Flexibility is particularly important in the day-to-day relationship. From communication preferences (in person, through email, over the phone) to frequency of meetings, there is no “typical” scenario. Scheffey is able to provide the service that best meets the needs of each client.


Perhaps one of the most appreciated advantages is responsiveness. Smaller firms, by their very nature, are positioned to provide responsive service to clients. This is the result of the two qualities already described. In having access to your marking team and through the nimble environment in which they operate, smaller firms can maintain timely communication with their clients. At Scheffey, it is one of our Guiding Principles to “Serve Clients.” While this is achieved in many ways, one of the most important is by providing service that is responsive to their needs and expectations.

When selecting a marketing firm for your business or organization, consider the size that best fits your needs. If that is somewhere in the middle, you will benefit from these advantages and the impact on the success of your marketing can be significant.

If you are still unsure, consider talking to fellow business owners. In fact, we encourage potential clients to speak directly with some of the businesses already partnering with us. Their feedback may be the best way to assess how a firm like Scheffey can best meet your marketing needs.