Nikki Wallace

Are You Seen as the Expert in Your Industry? Nikki Thinks You Should Be.

With only about 12% of buyers consulting a sales rep in the early stages of the buying process, and with buyers spending more time online researching prior to a sale, how can you make sure they are learning about your products and services?  Being seen as a knowledgeable resource and positioning yourself as an authority to your customers when they are on the search can make all the difference.  Success means evolving, adapting, and reaching your targets with a customer-centric experience: right content, right context for value-added relevancy.

That’s where Nikki comes in. As a seasoned marketing professional with 10+ years of experience, she has led cross-functional teams in the planning and execution of innovative, multi-channel sales and marketing aligned strategies. She enjoys crafting approaches that leverage traditional tactics as well as digital marketing. With vast experience in a wide variety of industries, she’s got a lot of enthusiasm for looking at what your unique business needs are and creating a strategy that resonates with customers and accomplishes your business goals.

Nikki is a Hanover, PA native, and has served on various boards including the South Western High School Music Legacy Club Board, the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce, and the YMCA (as membership and marketing committee chair). In her spare time, Nikki loves hanging out with her husband, kids, and dogs, preferably at the beach!

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