Being good stewards of our natural resources.

Like so many other people sharing this earth I’ve become much more aware of sustainability issues and concerned with future implications. At home, we replaced our light bulbs with CFL bulbs. I was taught at an early age to turn off the light when I leave a room. We recycle and reuse. My wife and I even moved back downtown and walk to places like the Central Market, restaurants, art galleries … and even walking for no other reason than to be outside. My work commute has been reduced to two blocks. And yes, I walk!

So what have we done at Scheffey? For starters, our office is a great example of adaptive reuse as the brick structure was built in 1880 as a tobacco warehouse. Our heat and air conditioning systems are operated by a time-controlled thermostat, which conserves quite a bit of energy for the 12,000 sq. ft. building. We’re converting many of our lights to energy-efficient bulbs; and using timers and motion sensors for exterior and garage lights. And, even though Lancaster City doesn’t require businesses to recycle (shame on them), we’re recycling paper, cardboard, glass and plastics. Two people walk to work; one occasionally rides a bike. For lunchtime, many of our people take advantage of our office being within walking distance to several restaurants, delis and even Central Market. Emerging – and reinvesting in – technology (by us, our clients and partners) have resulted in significantly more emailing of proofs to clients and completed art files to publications and printers. That’s a huge reduction of miles driven by us and our clients, partners and couriers.

As living a more green life has become more of a mission of mine, I really admire a few of our clients whose products and businesses are really built around sustainability.

Surface America

Surface America is the nation’s leading playground surfacing company, having covered an amazing 15 million square feet coast-to-coast. It also provides fitness and gymnasium flooring, walking trail and specialty surfacing. Surface America incorporates the industry’s widest collection of recycled materials, utilizing a combination of pre-consumer and post-consumer materials from many sources, mostly recycled rubber from post-consumer tires. Their products are LEED® certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.


Makers and installers of synthetic grass athletic fields, its components include a resilient shock pad and infill that utilize recycled rubber. A-Turf systems (found throughout America) are LEED® certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Besides providing a field with better playability and durability, synthetic grass doesn’t require watering, mowing and fertilizing – all negative impacts on our environment.

ECORE International

As North America’s largest processor and user of scrap tire rubber, ECORE recycles 80 million pounds of scrap tire rubber – helping conserve more than one million barrels of oil in the process – to convert pliable treads into durable products for the construction, consumer, commercial, industrial, sports and leisure markets. Even more impressive is that their manufacturing process and business practices are a model of sustainability. Started in 1989, this company is “green” in the truest sense!

Inclinator Company of America

As the inventor – in 1928 – of the residential elevator, Inclinator has led the industry in product development and performance reliability. So it was no surprise that they were among the first to introduce a home elevator that moved much closer to green product certification. Introduced in January 2008, the INCINATOR® LX features a permanent magnet motor and gearless traction drive that is housed entirely in the shaftway. Its environmental benefits include: reduced energy consumption, longer motor life cycle, no hydraulic or gear oils, takes up less square feet and uses less construction materials. Now that the green product is on the market, the company is turning its attention on ways to make its operation more green.

Don’t just reduce driving because of the cost of gasoline. Do it because it’s good for our environment. When you begin seeking ways to live a greener life, you’ll find it’s not that difficult – or painful. God didn’t “give” us this earth. He’s just letting us live here for a short while. I can often hear my mom telling me to “Be sure to leave the place cleaner than it was when you got here.”