Catherine Woodcock

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Taking your projects from A to Z...

Catherine manages marketing projects with a dash of comedy and a whole lot of love for her team.

After a nice weekend with family or a home improvement adventure, you’ll often hear Catherine telling her comical take on the situations she’s experienced to her coworkers and clients, like trying to remove a toilet seat with a putty knife and a blow torch… It’s a tale she’s always willing to retell if you ask her. With her love for storytelling and stand-up comedy, Catherine has a genuine gift for helping people start their day off with a smile.

Catherine brings a wealth of knowledge with her MBA, B.S. in Biblical Studies, and from her experience working in the YouTube Creator industry for over 5 years. As an entrepreneur, Catherine kicked-started her career by starting a business helping YouTube Channels turn a hobby into a multi-million-dollar business model. With a background in digital marketing, operations and business management, retail, and even working as a cheese aficionado for a time, she has a wealth of experience to help you reach your business goals. Catherine’s love for small businesses motivates her to get the best results for our clients and team, even when that means doing things the hard way. She’s always ready to take on a new challenge to make a difference and reach success.

When she’s not keeping everything on track here at Scheffey, you’ll find Catherine renovating her historic home in Lititz with her history buff husband, Nate, and her Australian Shepherd, Scout (who notably, is more skilled at destruction than construction).

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